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Melissa Sindeband Dragon, Esq

About Us

transforming the practice of divorce law for over 47 years

As the firm’s founding partner and chief litigator, Melissa uses her legal talent as an advocate to help empower men and women at difficult crossroads in their lives in order to bring them closer to financial independence and emotional tranquility. She brings to bear considerable litigation and negotiation skills to obtain the most favorable results possible for her clients.

Beyond the legal work she does for clients, Melissa also pays close attention to the emotional challenges that clients and in some cases, their children, face. She applies her extensive experience whenever possible or appropriate to ensure her client’s health and safety throughout the process. Melissa recognizes that while almost any attorney can calculate an equitable property division or support order; compassionate understanding and encouraging support can make a real difference in how a client is able to manage the chaos and emotional stress divorce can bring to their life and the lives of those they love. In the past, she has called upon such resources as a divorce support group in the client’s local area, as well as a financial advisor, therapist, mortgage originator and/or nutritionist.

Our Areas of Practice


Custody Matters

Navigating custody challenges with expertise and empathy, ensuring the best interests of the child.


Divorce Proceedings

Specializing in smooth and strategic divorce processes, prioritizing fair resolutions for all parties involved.


Child Support Advocacy

Dedicated advocacy for fair and just child support arrangements, ensuring the financial well-being of the child.


Visitation Arrangements

Crafting visitation plans that foster positive parent-child relationships, tailored to meet individual family needs.


Spousal Support and Asset Distributions

Skillful management of spousal support and equitable distribution of assets to secure financial stability post-divorce.


Pre-nuptial and Post-nuptial Agreements

Expertise in drafting comprehensive agreements, providing legal clarity and protection for parties entering or navigating marriage.

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